Below are some frequently asked questions and there answers. 


How long will it take to prepare my order?
For all orders, a 5 - 8 business day prep time is standard. For any order falling outside of this time frame, the client will be notified.

How will my order be delivered?
Currently all orders will be shipped via regular mail service. Any additional charges, such as import fees and duties will be paid by the client.

What type of material will be used to print my order?
This depends on the ordered item. High detailed items will be done in high resolution resin on an SLA printer. This includes busts, miniatures, and other high detailed items. Most other items will be printed with filament on a FDM printer.

Can I choose the colour of my printed item or have it painted for me?
Currently, all resin and filament items will be printed in gray. Additionally, different material colours and a painting service is something that will be considered for the future at an additional charge.